Last Minute Meaningful Father’s Day Ideas Amid Black Lives Matter and Lockdown

Father's Day

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is an annual reminder to honor the relationship you have with your dad. Given that parts of the world are still under quarantine this year at this time, many of us are celebrating the holiday at home or not even in the presence of the men whom we love. However, Father’s Day isn’t canceled. Instead we should think outside the box in order to celebrate it this year.

This is the time in which you should put some thought, creativity and preparation into giving your dad the Father’s Day gifts he deserves. This list is chock full of meaningful ideas that don’t require you or your dad to go too far if you need to leave the house. Practicing social distancing and staying safe is the way to go this year. However, if you’re currently holed up within your own home away from your dad, we have you covered here too.


Parents Taking a Walk with Son

Go out for a long, leisurely hike or walk with dad. This time of togetherness cannot be underestimated. Time is a priceless commodity of which once loss cannot be regained. Just remember to wear a face mask and stay six feet away from others whenever possible when you are doing it. Once the weather cooperates, you will find it difficult to succeed with the latter as more and more people will have the same idea as you.


Compile an audio or video recording of your favorite stories about dad and sing his favorite songs.

A thoughtfully prepared annual photo album of highlights would be a meaningful and memorable gift as well. Each year you can add another album to the collection.

All these ideas are like a time capsule to open and look back on sometime in the future.

Time Together

Holidays have become very commercialized nowadays. However, the best gifts are those which cannot be bought. Your dad will appreciate and be gratified for the opportunity to spend more time together.

Let’s return to the “Fitness” section here. Exercising together is a great way to do this.

Family scrabble Night

Bonding over a “Family Night” where dad gets to choose whatever he would like to do. Whether it be playing a specific board game, work on a 5000-piece puzzle, etc.

Virtual Tour of Yellowstone National Park

Even if you can’t hop on a plane to go sight-seeing in-person, you and your dad can still take in the world’s beauty with virtual tours of museums, gardens, mansions, and national parks. Check out this list of 12 Famous Museums Offering Virtual Tours or 35 FREE VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS TO EXPLORE WITH YOUR KIDS. The latter is not just for kids! Anyone can enjoy the tours while spending time together and having a fun escape from life as we know it while doing so!

Serve a Homemade Hearty Brunch

Hearty Breakfast

Your dad deserves the “right” to sleep in at least one day a year. Why not make it this day? Once he is awake, begin his day with a feast fit for a king, complete with plate of scrambled eggs, toast, sausage and hash browns.

Drop Off Dad’s Favorite Meal

Cook your dad’s favorite meal and then drop it off on his porch in these social distancing times. Let him know by giving him a call. You can schedule a Zoom meeting to eat the meal together virtually as well.

Virtual Celebration on FaceTime/Zoom

During these uncertain times, being with loved ones (even virtually) is important now more than ever. Privately message Dad’s family, friends, and loved ones to surprise him with a Zoom meeting or FaceTime call.

Shop Black-Owned Local Businesses

Black Lives Matter Movement Book

For Father’s Day this year, you can purchase matching books around the theme of racial injustice from a Black-owned Bookstore. Then read the book and have a Father/Daughter/Son Book Club where you can connect, discuss, and further the #BlackLivesMatter Movement together.

In addition to spending money at Black-owned businesses both large and local, you can also spend money with those dedicating funds to the cause.

Charitable Donation

donate to a charity working to eradicate racism

Make a charitable donation in your dad’s name to a non-profit organization furthering the cause of eradicating racism within the world we live in.