Is Real Estate Crowdfunding For You?

Passive income streams, anyone? Here’s one many of us will love, love, love. Have you ever wished you could own property? Thru investing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) or real estate crowdfunding that’s what you’ll be doing, sharing the ownership with others as well. This way the risks are minimized and the gains are much higher than what an interest-bearing savings account will yield for you nowadays. These are high-quality real estate investments that can be made on a few different platforms as part of the ‘crowd’. The online platforms enable multiple investors to make small investments in big real estate deals. Non-accredited investors would not have this chance to benefit from this source of income otherwise.

The professionals handle all the remodeling, tenant issues, and legal mumbo-jumbo behind each deal while investors just sit back and enjoy the returns.

Real estate crowdfunding investments (usually multi-unit apartments, commercial, and fix-and-flips) have been available for years, but only to high-net-worth and institutional investors with the right contacts. Crowdfunding is now enabling the smaller investors (non-accredited) to take part as well, making it simpler to invest and cheaper for the borrower. Within this article I will be listing only the ones which accept non-accredited investors.

The two platforms this gal is investing in are:

What I love about these platforms is I can diversify my real estate holdings across the nation very easily without much risk to myself and participate in price increases in solid markets outside of my locale.

If this is not your type of investment, then go here to learn more about peer-to-peer lending which might be more to your liking.