Saving With Worthy Bonds While Helping Small Businesses Grow

Post Updated on 7/13/2020.

Need help saving for a rainy day? 😀

Let’s face it: saving money is hard and investing it is complicated.

With so many risky and expensive investment options, getting a decent return is difficult.

But…what if you could create a financial future aligned with your values and lifestyle?

That’s what Worthy will help you do. Funds raised from Worthy Bonds are used to help fuel American small businesses via asset-based loans.

Worthy is the only platform that allows you to invest as low as $10 and earn 5% interest. Build Your Nest Egg on Autopilot. Earn more than a traditional savings account will yield you while helping your fellow humans.

The Bonds can be purchased by accredited and non-accredited investors. An accredited investor is defined as an individual that has made $200,000 or more on an annual basis for the past two or three years and is likely to make the same amount in the current year or has a net worth of more than $1,000,000. A non-accredited investor is simply everyone else. An investor who does not meet the income or net worth requirements for an accredited investor.

Investors can choose between manual investment, scheduled recurring purchases or even auto-investments based on day-to-day purchase round-ups.

You have full control over how, when and the amount you would like to invest. The bonds are 36-month term but you can redeem them and their interest at any time.

While they are authorized to sell Worthy Bonds almost anywhere in the world, they currently can only accept payments via ACH transfers from a U.S. bank account. They are actively working on bringing Worthy Bonds to more countries.

Until then, they might be able to process bond purchases manually via wire transfer. Please contact them at for more information.

Save and grow your money in a way that fits you! Click [Learn More] to discover how to sign up for Worthy.

If this investment is not for you, then head over here to learn about peer-to-peer lending and how investing in such platforms will help you to diversify and improve your financial standing.

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